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AB 213-01 Butler

Knit a short, loose-fitting mohair sweater with Anny Blatt Vogue bulky mohair knitting yarn (73% kid mohair, 14% camel hair, 13%…

AB 213-13 Vivien

This soft scarf is knit with Anny Blatt knitting yarn Angora Absolue (4 balls) in your choice of color.

AB 213-14 Mallory

This cable-stitch wool sweater is knit with Anny Blatt N°5 Merinos wool knitting yarn (100% merino wool) in your choice…

AB 213-30 London

This fancy-stitch angora and ribbon yarn sweater is knit with Anny Blatt Angora Super knitting yarn (70% angora, 30% wool) and…

Result Pages: