Fonty Coeur d'Angora

Fonty Coeur d'Angora knitting yarn is a fluffy angora yarn from the last traditional French breeders of angora rabbits, all adhering to the "Association des éleveurs d'Angora Français" who define the practices to follow to garantee the health and well-being of the rabbits as well as the quality of their fur.

It is composed of 80% French angora rabbit hair and 20% merino wool for a yarn incredibly supple, soft, vaporous, delicate and fluffy.

In a 25g (0.88 oz) ball there are about 108 m ((118 yd) so allow about 12 balls for a sweater for women size 40. It typically knits with knitting needles 4 or 4,5 for a gauge of 25 st. and 32 rows.

The colors are largely similar to those of FONTY SERPENTINE ribbon yarn so can be easily knit together in jacquard sweaters. Note that it can also replace the old Angora Super from Anny Blatt.

Hand wash, preferably with a detergent bio without softener, dry flat.